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2 ELSS Funds For Tax Savings

The following is the translation of the article originally published in Mathrubhumi daily on 4-01-2016 ELSS funds are good tax savings instruments if you have a long term investment horizon. ELSS funds invest in...

Financial health

Diagnose your financial health

When we have some symptoms like dizziness or headache we are often asked by a doctor to do certain tests like blood test which will tell if the blood has high cholesterol or sugar. ...

boy preparing for higher education

College Education Planning

Education for children is a very important goal in life. We wish to make our children professionals so that they can lead a good life. Many parents wish their children to become an engineer...

PrognoAdvisor blog shared in International media

PrognoAdvisor Story gets international media attention

The blog on College Education published in on December 3, 2015 was picked up by the famous Financial Life Planner, Ton Janssen RLP and was shared on the Financial Life Planning Website on December...

Chit fund

Is Chit a good Investment option?

There is a trend to subscribe to chit fund schemes. I know a person who is crazy about chits. He joins a chit, successfully bids and deposits the bid amount with the chit company...