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Why you should not sell Gold Jewellery?

Gold as jewellery has a use as a fashion accessory. Beyond that people consider it as wealth also. The gold jewellery received during marriage is something which is inherited. It should be considered as...


Owning a Dream Home

One of the major goals in life is to own a house or flat. Most often you will not be able to accumulate the entire cost before you go for a house. So a...

Saving through SIP

Saving through SIP

SIP is not a scheme; it is an investment process. SIP is the short form of Systematic Investment Plan. It means that very month you save an amount regularly in a mutual fund scheme...

Mutual funds

Starting Mutual Fund Investments

Mutual funds are collective investment schemes. They collect money from investors and invest in shares, bonds, bank deposits and gold. They are regulated by the government body, SEBI. There are strict rules mutual funds...